About In2HealthSwiss

Who we are

Because we were at the epicenter of this world health crisis and heard first hand from our friends and families about the lack of safety tools for those fighting COVID-19, we took action and founded In2HealthSwiss. Additional driving forces were the price increases and the stories about lack of deliveries or defective personal protective equipment and safety devices to hospitals and healthcare institutions.

We focus on our mission to not only protect first line workers from COVID-19, but also protect them from scammers who exploit those directly affected by this pandemic with inferior products and extreme prices.

In2HealthSwiss provides personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety supplies to organizations and companies that value people for what they are, their most prized possession. This product offering includes technologically advanced and environmentally friendly solutions designed to protect people.

We are headquartered in Lindenstrasse 16, 6340 Baar (ZUG) Switzerland.

Vision and mission

We source and deliver products and services of exceptional quality.

We purchase and distribute top quality personal protective equipment and safety supplies at the best prices on the market. We perform our task with an acute sense of our social and environmental responsibility. Therefore, we are committed to providing products of exceptional quality and optimal customer service to support our customers’ safety goals.

In2HealthSwiss believes in a world where people are free to live and work without risk to their wellbeing. We work hard every day to make that happen by creating a safer and cleaner environment for our frontline workers fighting COVID-19.

Our goal is to provide environmentally friendly safety products and services at a competitive price and time. We import our products by air freight several times a week and have the experience, certification and connections to speed up the process and make it as affordable as possible.